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Standard Wheelchairs
Designed for both comfort and security, our standard wheelchairs offer individuals the freedom to travel where they please.

Finding an Affordable Standard Wheelchair
The wheelchairs we provide are manufactured by Drive, a leader in mobility. Built with materials like carbon steel and aluminum, your wheelchair will last for years to come.

Function and Comfort
Though larger than other types of wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs are fairly lightweight, making transport easy. Most of our chairs have the ability to fold down and close, and removable arms allow for easy storage in small spaces.

The padded back, seat and arm rests provide exceptional comfort for any length trip. Some of our standard wheelchairs also include padding behind the calves, ensuring comfort throughout the body.

For taller individuals, browse wheelchairs with a height-adjustable back. Seat and armrest padding on all our standard wheelchairs promotes comfort during longer rides. Standard wheelchairs are equipped with swing-away footrests or elevating leg rests. These features aid in comfort but also helps getting in and out of your wheelchair with ease.

Composite Mag-style wheels with hand rims are lightweight and require zero maintenance. Front and rear precision sealed wheel bearings ensures your standard wheelchair will endure for years to come. These wheelchairs may be used both inside and outside.

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