Wheelchair Leg Rests
Find an affordable and top-quality leg rest for your wheelchair, from articulating leg rests that extend as they’re elevated to wheelchair leg supports that are cushioned and rotatable. Our wheelchair leg rests are supplied by Drive Medical, a leader in the mobility industry.

Most, but not all, wheelchair elevating leg rest products are compatible with bariatric and reclining wheelchairs. When browsing through our selection of wheelchair leg rests, be sure to check whether or not your wheelchair is suitable for that particular product.

Designed for individuals who require additional support, our leg rests feature ample calf padding and heavy-duty footrests. For bariatric patients, metal footplates provide additional security while the swing-away feature makes getting into and out of the wheelchair easier.

As with all of our products, DME Supply USA offers customers the highest-quality wheelchair leg rests at affordable prices. Find the right mobility aid for your needs.

How Can We Help?
If you have questions regarding wheelchair leg rests or any other mobility product on our site, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly customer service representatives can be reached over the phone at 855-248-6611 or via email at [email protected]

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